Mar 2004

Dear Readers
What’s new and what’s coming to NorFilly™ Magazine

Getting you down? Show them up!
Dealing with negativity from others and turning it around for good

I’ll follow the boys
Being “in” without giving in to peer pressure

21st Century rights and responsibilities
Challenging the parent’s authority over today’s teens

Rethinking school safety… again?
Is this a burning issue or just famed buzzwords?

Down and dirty
The skinny on community service in North Philly

NorFilly™ Magazine welcomes Escritor X (a brand and pseudonym of T Martin) to its editorial department. We look forward to featuring monthly columns from the award-winning writer that inspired Creative Writers at Clemente School!

Birthday Shout-outs
NorFilly™ Magazine recognizes birthdays of youths making a difference

Passenger side, best friend’s ride
Taking your creative photography interests on the road

A bit high strung
Guitar photos done as a favor help boost popularity of online forum

Miss Communications
Local communications major and former Picturesque spokesmodel on communicating to effect change

We’ve moved our “fixed” monthly interview page from Page 6. Page 6 is now our “Birthday Shout-outs” page instead. Our monthly interview will float throughout the magazine from month to month.

Lively artists draw young crowd
Gospel concert lures neighborhood teens to church

Kid candidate challenges aging rep
Ray Collazo makes a bid to unset Bill Reiger for State Rep’s office

“No más” to young deaths
Elected officials unite against gun violence and promote gun safety

In living color!
Youths at local middle school celebrate ethnicity

A little child shall lead them
Torch Club youngsters take on current events

Photos for a song and a dance
Latino dance group hosts “Picture Day”

The road to Minneapolis
Keystone Club prepares for national conference

Gala honors cream of the crop
“Youths of the Year” at the Ritz-Carlton hotel for Boys and Girls Club Gala

Human rights issue becomes kids’ fight
Local youths join veterans in fight to free political prisoners

Parents accuse local charter school of discrimination
Community tells tales of mistreatment and unqualified administration at their kids’ school

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Questions and Answers