Q&A: Apr 2004

Readers ask, we answer The last time you showed a cover girl was in January, your first magazine. When are you going to have another one and who will it be? Does it have to be a girl? (Frequently Asked) NorFilly’s Next Cover WHAT?Models hopefuls contend for mag coverNorFilly™ Editorial Staff Our magazine’s premier edition posted in January 2004 featured, on its cover, Julietta Diaz, a local recording artist of tremendous talent and ambitious dreams of becoming a successful…

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Q&A: Mar 2004

Readers ask, we answerEditorial Staff General Questions Where are the technology articles? Who is the editor for the technology articles?– Diana Concepción February was slated to feature our first technology articles, but our intended technology editor has not gotten back to us. We hope to install some technology reviews and articles by May or June of this year. Thanks for reading and for asking. A friend told me about this website. I didn’t expect to see Tatiana on here….

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Q&A: Jan 2004

Questions and AnswersReaders ask, we answerEditorial Staff How often are your model applications reviewed?– Monica H.We currently sponsor several projects that require the use of model services, so when we review the applications depends on the project and its urgency. We review applications for models interested in helping illustrate various points in our magazine articles as they arrive to us. However, for projects like the calendar, new photo galleries at models.CamCobra.com, or our portfolio/showcase, we review applications weekly or…

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