Special Thanks from

Thanks to all the family members who critique and help fine-tune what happens here at Though the hours put in are well worth the results brought out, there were times when it seemed the site was more important than family relations, though this was never the case. Thanks for all the patience and understanding from the earliest stages, throughout the development and into the new era for NF.

To quote a very dear friend and long-time site visitor, Chris Middleton, the hard work representated at MP/NF websites are “a testament to all the hard work that you put in daily, even at the risk of alienating your family and friends.” Thanks for being there when it seemed that was happening. Above all, thanks for not letting it happen!

Ron Walker, your encouragement was pleasant over the years, but not nearly as effective as the crituque you’ve offered in helping make the site even better with each proposed change since the first days of Your advice about “what the webmaster sees and knows about the site” versus “what viewers will see” provided that outsider-looking-in point of view that continues to help move NF closer to its goals for youths.

Thanks, Bruce Stern, for visiting the site even when you were busy designing and maintaining your own site. Your insight as an on-the-fly webmaster has made designing and sharing with you a real pleasure. I can’t wait to start sharing even more web (geek?) stuff with you as our sites improve over time.

When the idea of a magazine popped up at NF, some people volunteered without being asked, and for their generosity, we’re eternally grateful. Thanks, Debs, for jumping on board and sending your stuff as regularly as you could. Patience, your columns were greatly appreciate, and of course, still very welcome at NF. And special thanks to Tatiana who doubled as writer and model rep at one point. We put a lot on you sometimes, and you just came through for us as if it were nothing!

Model Reps
Even though we’ve only been to a few events with representation, we’re grateful to those who have been there and willing to help out no matter what. Thanks to Tatiana, Tasha and Katie for their dedication and constant reminders that it’s more important to love what you do than it is to be paid for doing what you love. Warm thanks to Lynx who reps NF even between busy studio sessions and public performances. You’ll all be rewarded in ways you never imagined.