Put down the video game controller. Stop phoning your best friend to tell her how bored you are. Trying to find something to do to let your creative energies flow? Look no further!

Join the fast-growing team of young people putting together an online publication for and by North Philadelphia’s teens and young adults. The project that has replaced the former NorFilly™ Model Citizens program, sponsored by photography and communications services provider Martin Picturesque, is the NorFilly™ Online Magazine… and you’re invited to share your ideas and expertise with others your age through this medium.

The online magazine offers neighborhood youths the opportunity to learn about community service, photography, amateur modeling and more – all for free! In addition, they may submit their own bits and pieces for consideration in the publication.

What are you waiting for? Get off the game. Hang up the phone. Get online to apply for a free model session or to e-mail your original work for publication in NorFilly™ Online Magazine today!

Models needed

Youths wishing to earn free model photos may apply for a session, as pictures are needed to illustrate various points in articles on the magazine’s focus topics, photography and amateur modeling. Aspiring models seeking photos for their portfolios without breaking their pockets will benefit most from this feature of our new magazine project.

Writers needed

Youths interested in expressing themselves in writing should also consider submitting articles, tips, hints, advice and opinions as well. Their thoughts and ideas are another reason the magazine even exists. If you're interested in or pursuing a career in journalism, there's no better place to get some practice and a great start!

Volunteer Opportunities at NorFilly.com

Rep your neighborhood through the #1 online youth publication in the area. Try your hand at anything from writing to photography to dancing to modeling… all to represent North Philadelphia’s young people making the news! Hit all the parties and volunteer in the community. Join NF’s growing family of magazine reps. Just click here to complete the basic application today!

Go to events, have a good time, participate in activities and complete a short one- or two-paragraph summary for NF. Submit your summary and see your work posted on the NF NewsSource.

Come up with topics (or take on assigned ones) and write a short three- to five-paragraph column for NF every two weeks or once a month. Meet the deadlines and see your writing published with your byline!

Event Photographers
Attend parties, events and community activities. Take some “key photos” and write captions for really important pictures (or have a team reporter jot the caption down). E-mail your photos or turn in the film/memory card, and see your photos online with your credit.

Go to parties, jams and events, participate in activities, hype the crowds and assist event hosts. Stay visible and take lots of photos with VIP’s and event hosts.

Web Assistant
With growing needs on the website, become one of the gurus in charge of posting news stories, updating the calendar, maintaining the guestbook or moderating the forums.