Spring is here! Is Spring here?

Dear Readers,

Spring is here! Is Spring here?

Maybe I’m a bit premature in saying so, but it feels as if Spring has already sprung. At NorFilly™ we celebrate the coming of Spring with exciting changes to our young online magazine. We have ongoing conversations with three prospective associate editors on teen issues, current events and technology. We’ve already been featuring sports and entertainment articles, but there is promise of even more! Until then, we have a great magazine prepared for you this month.

Debbie and Tatiana share real gems this month, Debbie on peer pressure and Tatiana on channeling negativity.

We’ve moved our “fixed” monthly interview page from Page 6. Page 6 is now our “Birthday Shout-outs” page instead. Our monthly interview will float throughout the magazine from month to month.

We hope young people will become more involved in their communities. That’s why we publish articles on community service and volunteerism.

This month, you’ll get to read about some young people doing amazing things right here in North Philadelphia, and we hope that you’ll follow their examples and lend your support in any way possible.

In addition to providing you access to past issues of the magazine, we want you to know – and be a part of – what’s coming. Beginning last month, we’ve added an “Upcoming issues” button on the “Table of Contents” page. We’re offering our readers many opportunities to write, model or participate in articles and projects we want to feature in coming issues of our magazine.

Remember, dear readers: our existence depends on your reading the magazine and responding in one way or another. If you participate in our activities and articles, you’re supporting the magazine by allowing us to expand its audience. If you send us feedback or voice your questions and concerns to us, you’re supporting the magazine by fueling future articles that could inspire change in neighborhoods that definitely need change.

In that sense, this magazine isn’t mine or Martin Picturesque’s or some community entity’s; it’s yours. It’s the magazine designed and created for your benefit and enjoyment. It’s the magazine published to invite your contributions and inspiration. Contribute to it, and you will inspire its development into whatever you perceive to be the ideal online magazine for today’s teens and young adults of North Philadelphia.

So for January, February and March – the completion of your magazine’s first quarter – congratulations and thank you! Your questions and feedback have invoked a lot of thought and consideration. Keep up the good work, and enjoy this month’s installment of your very own NorFilly™ Online Magazine!


T Martin
Senior Reporter