Q&A: Mar 2004

Readers ask, we answer
Editorial Staff

General Questions

Where are the technology articles? Who is the editor for the technology articles?
– Diana Concepción

February was slated to feature our first technology articles, but our intended technology editor has not gotten back to us. We hope to install some technology reviews and articles by May or June of this year. Thanks for reading and for asking.

A friend told me about this website. I didn’t expect to see Tatiana on here. I am happy for her, but here are two questions I want to ask: 1) Would Models.Camcobra.com promise me a good Agent? 2) Would I also get to travel a lot?
– Moses Hernandez

Models.CamCobra.com merely represents Martin Picturesque’s model search site, a sub-site to recruit models for projects to promote the company’s community service or NorFilly™ magazine. The site features a few photos on its revised gallery page to show the latest models shining in the various projects. Picturesque provides model photography services only and does not guarantee work outside the scope of the model’s service to the company for models signing up to participate in the various projects listed on the site.

Martin Picturesque is not an agency or management company for models. The company does not travel, nor do models represented at Models.CamCobra.com travel at the company’s expense for any reason. Picturesque only provides photography to models working on their own to find an agent or trying to break into the modeling industry.

Experiment with camera settings at night

Did you use a 1982 Nikon FG? Do you have any people photos?
– Jay Ovalle

(T Martin answers) Truthfully, I cannot verify that information. That camera belonged to a co-worker who put the camera on loan to me for week while she was in Puerto Rico. I returned the camera and didn’t see it since, but I did buy the three lenses from her and her husband when they retired to Puerto Rico last year.

Yes. My forte is portrait/social photography, and after this month’s photography article, you will be pleased to start reading some of my people photography articles. Just as a heads up, the first articles will center around photographing amateur models seeking an inexpensive alternative to studio photos.