Q&A: Jan 2004

Questions and Answers
Readers ask, we answer
Editorial Staff

How often are your model applications reviewed?
– Monica H.

We currently sponsor several projects that require the use of model services, so when we review the applications depends on the project and its urgency. We review applications for models interested in helping illustrate various points in our magazine articles as they arrive to us. However, for projects like the calendar, new photo galleries at models.CamCobra.com, or our portfolio/showcase, we review applications weekly or bi-weekly as needed. If you are interested in modeling for any of our current projects, visit http://models.camcobra.com to find an activity that interests you (on the “Activities” page). Then use the online application to indicate your desire to model for us. We work prints-for-time, but lately we’ve exchanged the more greatly valued photo CD’s for time.

How can your magazine really help the community?
– Sherie M.
Like any other community service project, our magazine can only help the community as much as the community helps it. By that I mean that it will require community support – from readers, students, parents, leaders, activists, local businesses, etc. – in order for us to fulfill our goals with the magazine. We hope that the stories inspire success among youths and that people from our neighborhoods are willing to share their expertise and experiences to make the magazine a true success. Only then can we hope for the magazine to serve its purpose in making this a better community through youth achievement.