Q&A: Apr 2004

Readers ask, we answer

The last time you showed a cover girl was in January, your first magazine. When are you going to have another one and who will it be? Does it have to be a girl?

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NorFilly’s Next Cover WHAT?
Models hopefuls contend for mag cover
NorFilly™ Editorial Staff

Our magazine’s premier edition posted in January 2004 featured, on its cover, Julietta Diaz, a local recording artist of tremendous talent and ambitious dreams of becoming a successful rap star. She’s well on her way.

A few readers naturally expected there to be another individual, with no one in particular in mind, on our cover for February. Even more expressed disappointment that our March interview with Rebecca DeJesus wasn’t announced by a cover photo of the youth activist and former spokesmodel from the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia.

By the March edition that featured Rebecca’s interview, it was obvious that NorFilly™ was out of the “cover girl” business, but still some readers wouldn’t give up so easily. Several readers posed the question: Who will be NorFilly™’s next cover girl?

Most recently, however, after publication of yet another edition of our magazine, and still no cover girl, readers are posing a new question that takes away the sexism the former question implies. Now they want to know whether the next cover photo will be of a girl at all? As more guys apply to model for the magazine and warmer weather permits scheduling of photo sessions, the question on readers’ tongues is “Who will be NorFilly™’s Next Cover?” Period.

The next cover model/interviewee is slated to publish with the July (#7) Issue of NorFilly™ Magazine, celebrating the end of our first six months of production. While our panel of reviewers will make the final decision as to whose youth story will be highlighted with a cover photo and interview, our readers can tell us whom they think should be NorFilly™’s Next Cover Girl/Guy. Post your thoughts or suggestions on the “NorFilly’s Next Cover” online forum.