Light on the rocks!

2nd quarter shakes things up

Dear Readers,

Entering our second quarter here at NorFilly™ Magazine, we’re getting a taste of real-world journalism and the headaches that “come with the territory.” With our hat tipped to David Roche of Community Focus Newspaper, we move from junior reporting and cub scouting to approaching real issues and the great black hole of controversy.

And we like it.

Get hype because this issue represents some serious sweat and really hard work… probably more than the efforts to get the online publication off the ground four months ago.

  • First, we bat cleanup from the last article of our last edition (Issue #3). By the way, we were advised to restore that article after taking it down; it was explained to us that our readers deserve the opportunity to read it to understand the follow-ups in this month’s edition.
  • Then we deliver some long-promised technology articles, Escritor X again getting the ball rolling for us on that.
  • Another new arrival is the inclusion – at long last – of student-written contributions. Tackling issues of interest to them, youths are helping broaden our scope and bring us that much closer to our mission of providing an outlet for young people to express their opinions of the world around them.
  • Waited long enough? We’ve added our much hyped and long promised READER FORUMS, where you may conduct discussions on any of our focus topics and magazine articles. We’re excited here at the magazine to bring this to our readers, and we hope you take advantage of the opportunity to share this way. SPREAD THE WORD!
  • Finally, we’re including a link to NorFilly™ Magazine’s first ever photo galleries, hosted at sponsoring company Martin Picturesque’s Photography website. Following an event we attended in mid-April, we were encouraged to share some of the images in gallery form. If the idea takes, we hope to publish galleries of our photos as events warrant in the future.

FYI, Escritor X also confesses, in this issue, why we’re late in publishing this month’s edition of the magazine. Go easy, though; our second quarter started rough. Sure, we’re set back a few days from our usual publication date, but we ARE back, and we’re glad you’re back to enjoy this installment of your favorite online publication.


T Martin
Senior Reporter