From the mouths of babes

Teens talk about Bracetti Academy
By Bracetti Senior Academy Students
Courtesy of Community Focus Newspaper

The teachers and staff of Mariana Bracetti Academy are so caring and willing to help us when we need them. Our teachers especially, are very concerned about our grades and education. They were so concerned about helping us that they even opened up a Saturday school PSSA Prep and Extra Help group. Many teachers have gone out of their way to make it to Mariana Bracetti Academy to help and prepare our future and help us become better people. We at Mariana Bracetti consider ourselves as one whole family, everyone’s there when you need them. The Saturday School PSSA Prep has helped many students — as myself — overcome our fears about the test and helped us be properly prepared and ready for the test. Also the Extra Help in the major subjects we needed helped the students improve their grades dramatically. For example, myself, I’ve had a hard time with mathematics and thanks to the teachers I’ve improved my grade from a NC (No Credit) to a B. My mother was pleased and I was very proud of myself. It was hard but everyone tried their best to be there and be on time. We, the students are very proud of our success as well as our parents. We are thankful for the teachers and staff who made this happen.
Thanks a lot,
– Maylinda Santiago

Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School is not only a good school but also an outlet to many other opportunities outside of school such as the North Carolina Outward Bound school. Without MBA’s help, students in this school would have not been able to enjoy the outdoor wilderness on a three week course. This course lets inner city kids get a feel of something new and different outside of the usual city — opening our minds, letting kids know there is a better life out of the city.
– Jamal Green

During the 03-04 basketball season at Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School (MBA), we were challenged physically and mentally. The team worked hard at practice to win games and to make our school proud. As a team, the students looked up to us as role models. Basketball motivated us to work hard in class and keep our grades up. What a great season!!!
– Robert Rodriguez

The HBCU College Tour will be a great experience for our MBA students. HBCU means Historically Black Colleges and Universities, which were open to educate many minorities in the United States. Preparing for the trip was not easy. We had several fundraisers to help us go on this trip. One of the fundraisers was a penny drive where each class competed to see which could raise the most pennies. We also asked parents, staff, and our community to donate money to the college trip. After all of that hard work we raised over $10,000 so that 35 students could go on the HBCU college tour. Thirty five students will be going to Cheyney University, Lincoln University, Morgan State University, Howard University, and American University. That’s 6 different colleges in 3 days. The tour starts on April 19-April 21. The students will be participating in group activities that will help us get ready for when we start college. I hope that this college tour will be a lot of fun for the students, and I hope that we will get something good out of this trip.
– Drema Stead