Feedback: Mar 2004

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Young leaders model for pre-teens

This is a terrific article! This program clearly has great benefits for students and mentors. Keep up the good work and let’s see this program expanded to other schools.
– William Leatherbee, Member of the Board
Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia

Experiment with camera settings at night

I really like those pictures. I am thinking of taking some pictures like those in the night with my friends. Thank you for giving me an idea!
– Jenn A.

Liga del Barrio presents trophies

It is definitely a nice idea (the magazine). We want to contribute to the growth of your magazine, so we have forwarded your web site to all our coaches and volunteers in the hope that they too will pass it on to their family and friends. Keep up the good work! Thank you for covering our event.
– Raymond Alvarez