Feedback: Feb 2004

The good, the bad and the ugly
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“Ready like Spaghetti!”

I just wanted to comment on this article and this star “Julietta Diaz.” The article is great, and so is she. I’ve known Julietta for a couple of years now, and she’s one of the coolest people I ever met. She’s real down-to-earth and never lets all the hype get to her. She’s smart, beautiful and talented. In my book, that’s the greatest kind of person to be.
– Stephen Santa

I am writing about the interview with Julietta Diaz.  I’ve known her for going on two years now, and I thought this article was really good and described her really well.  I love her a lot and wish her the best.
– Danielle Nuñez

I am writing this to comment about Julietta Diaz. I went to school with her last year, and I am very happy to see her live her dream. Julietta is very beautiful, and I think that you should publish a magazine that is sold to the public with her face on the cover. I mean, it is very hard to come across talent that is so young, and you have a beautiful face to go with it. Keep doing what you’re doing!
– Brittany Turner

Well, I think that is really nice of what you all are doing for Ms. Diaz. We go back, and I think you should keep up the good work with all of your articles.
– Sierra Pray

I think this is a wonderful and well put together Online Magazine. With such a professional start in its debut, it can only get better. I am presently affiliated with an entertainment management group, so your article on the performing artists was truly interesting. I hope that in the future you may be able to interview artists and members of “On the Spot Management.” We, too, are a young and upcoming company whose client base is primarily in the Philadelphia area. I would like to wish NorFilly much success in the future and ask that you continue the excellent job that you are doing to promote the community.
– Muata Sondai

General comments

Your magazine is coming out great. I love what you’ve done with the web page. I don’t get tired of saying it. Keep it up!
– Madeline Román