Feedback: Apr 2004

The good, the bad and the ugly
Readers tell us what they think

Miss Communications

Your interview of Becky was spectacular. I am one to say, how proud I am of her and how wonderful she really is. Becky has always been a great kid and has always been so outgoing and loving. She has always been so popular even as a little girl. Now as a woman, she is not only known in Philadelphia, but also all of Montgomery County. She is well respected and loved by all of us. Becky, keep up the good work. I thought little sisters look up to their big sisters, but I find myself looking up to her. Loving her has always been a pleasure and I am proud to be her sister. Love ya, sis!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Michelle Young

In Living Color!

My name is Jessenia Reyes and was one of the soloists who performed “We shall overcome” and I enjoyed the whole show. The choir and I personally worked hard for this event to occur and we succeeded. I also believe that everyone who attended in the Black History Month show worked and practiced very hard to perform in front of the whole school in two days. In my strong opinion, we should have shows more often and let it be known what talent this school has.
– Jessenia Reyes

Congratulations on your magazine. I received it via e-mail from a colleague and was impressed with the message in the “In Living Color” article in your March issue. All too often, people of color, too busy looking at the dire situation within their individual communities, fail to realize the benefit of coming together, working together and building together. If these students can realize the value of embracing the contributions of all ethnicities, imagine how successful we would be if the adults were willing to do the same. There is strength is numbers and there is much work that needs to be done in each of our communities. Let’s work together and build positively for the benefit of all!
– Quibila Divine

Photos for a song and dance

I think that it’s really great that Latino kids are doing things like this. I love dancing especially representing where I’m from! I would like to know if there are any spaces available that I can join the Ritmo Dance group.
– Jenn A.

Resistance movement gets younger

This page is powerful; it has the feelings of every person that was in the Temple, including mine.
– Danny Torres