Come Up Entertainment Live!

Little people with big ambitions perform live
By T Martin

Looking for the latest act in local entertainment? Trying to find the hottest beats and voices in young performing artists today? Look no further than the mountain of talent building at Come Up Management, where young talent is springing up faster than you can say “holla back!”

Following their huge success at the Adams Mark Hotel last November, members of Come Up Entertainment performed live at West River Banquet Restaurant on Saturday, January 10th, and were already talking about plans for a performance at the end of January as well.

Boss Man Cicero led Come Up Entertainment into their January 10th performance at West River Banquet Restaurant.

If you weren’t at West River that night, you missed an electrifying show performed by today’s hottest young up-and-coming stars from the area. The highly charged performance featured rappers, hip-hop artists and more from several labels, but opened with energetic members of Come Up Entertainment, the label that will see its first year this coming March.

Despite the skipping CD tracks and some other technical difficulties, the label’s Boss Man Cicero opened the evening with a stirring rap performance before turning the microphone over to Lady J, the label’s featured vocalist. Lady J, quickly captivated the audience with a refreshing sound and stunning appearance, accompanied by background dancers. Lady J called her second of three selections the peak of her performance.

Lady J and Erwin Diaz perform together, Lady J singing and Erwin playing her opposite in a song about meeting a guy at a club.

“I think my second song, ‘Can We Get Busy Tonight?’ with [Julietta’s brother] Erwin, 18, was the high point for me,” she told NF Magazine. “There was a very good response from the crowd during that song.”
Lady J packed things up with “Try to Love You” with background dancers before phasing into Julietta Diaz’s rap performance. Julietta, dubbed “Spaghetti Letti” by NF Magazine, gave up two original raps, concluding the label’s presentation at West River. About being last on the label’s roster for the night, she expressed only confidence.

“You know the saying about saving the best for last?” she teased NF. “That could be one reason.”

Originally slated to perform with her brother and on-stage hype man, Erwin, she performed both of her selections solo without missing a beat.

Lady J performs her third selection with background dancers.

“We needed another microphone, but didn’t have one,” she explained. “Not only that, we needed cordless ones.” (Her only real complaint during the evening was the cord “not being long enough” for her usual performing style.)
Come Up Management, the company that manages these and other young local artists, assured NF that they are “in no way, shape or form” affiliated with the program’s orchestration at West River, especially after the late start and some technical problems. And the company president, Anthony Medlock remains confident that Come Up will rise above starting-up obstacles since its inception last March.

Julietta Diaz takes the microphone to round out her label’s presentation at West River with two rap performances.

“We’re going to do this!” he told NF. “It’s hard finding talent that’s dedicated to go all the way, but we’re working with what we have.”Public relations consultant Brandy Stewart agrees, saying that their artists are all well received and dedicated to achieving success. She also spoke highly of their performances at West River.
“All the performances were excellent, even working through mistakes on the part of the DJ,” she told NF. “Boss Man did the right thing, though; he just worked with the DJ and got his performance out.”

In turn, the young artists have only good things to say about working with Come Up Management, the company that’s still young itself. Of the artists interviewed, all said that they enjoyed working with Medlock and Stewart, as well as the company’s CEO Jim Jonah and his partner Shawn Medlock.

“I can really express any concern to them, and they do whatever they can to make sure I’m happy,” said Lady J, sounding every bit ready for the big-time.
Julietta tells us, “Anthony gives me tips and pointers; James basically tells me what’s going on and makes sure I know what’s going on; and I practically just met Brandy, but she encourages me to be good at what I do.”

So what’s next for Come Up? More live performances, NF’s been told. Already the company’s website is “in the making,” a product of PR consultant Brandy, who promises some results in time to celebrate the company’s first anniversary in March. Everyone at Come Up remains excited about working with each other and with NorFilly™ Magazine to help promote the young artists and the positive image they project to youths everywhere. Hey, stay tuned and look for up-close and personal “in yo face” interviews with other performers from Come Up in future issues of NF Magazine!

Come Up Management CEO James Jonah (left) reflects with company president Anthony Medlock (center) and partner Shawn Medlock after Come Up’s three artists performed at West River January 10th.

President Anthony Medlock and PR consultant Brandy Stewart (right) listen as James Jonah and Shawn Medlock reason about aspects of the evening’s performance at West River Banquet Restaurant.