Birthdays: Apr 2004

Magazine wishes the best for its best
NorFilly™ Editorial Staff

This page will no longer be used as a fixed page for our monthly youth interviews. Instead, we will allow readers to send a birthday shout-out to someone special to them each month. We are starting things off with some birthday wishes from NorFilly™ Magazine to a few people who have helped us get the project going or who have been involved with sponsoring company Martin Picturesque over the years.

Friends and Family
Vanessa Johnson, teacher, April 1
Desireé Camacho, student, April 6
Amanda Román, April 6
Justin Johnson, college student, April 8
Richard Scott, uncle, April 9
Brent Bickings, college student, April 9
Vianna Lee Young, April 10
James Douglass, principal, April 12
Ruben, April 17
Veronica Figueroa, April 18
Maria Diaz, client, April 21
Julia Hernandez, teacher, April 22
Alexander Montijo, April 24
Hernan Rivera, teacher, April 26
Shane Thompson, college student, April 27

Model Citizens
Mariam Gonzalez, student, April 5
Diana Garcia, student, April 9
Melanie Cales, student, April 22
Priscilla Estrella, model, April 28

Creative Writers After-School Program
Tiffany Gonzalez, student, April 11
Tynesha Goins, student, April 12
Latia Fisher, student, April 12
Siderra Davis, student, April 15