Birthday shout-outs

Magazine wishes the best for its best
NorFilly™ Editorial Staff

This page will no longer be used as a fixed page for our monthly youth interviews. Instead, we will allow readers to send a birthday shout-out to someone special to them each month. We are starting things off with some birthday wishes from NorFilly™ Magazine to a few people who have helped us get the project going or who have been involved with sponsoring company Martin Picturesque over the years.

Family Members
Anthony Still, US Marines, March 4
Brian Martin, Aspiring mechanic, March 15

Model Citizens
Jennifer Aponte-Ortiz, student, March 4
Alexis Pagan, student, March 18
Natasha Vergara, student, March 28

ASPIRA @ Clemente School
Caridad Torres, student, March 20
Anthony Rosario, student, March 22
Amanda Ruiz, student, March 25
Ivanelisses Rosario, student, March 27