Ask Tatiana: Show them up!

Teen issues and modeling advice
with Tatiana Negron

Former Model Citizens spokesmodel Tatiana answers questions from you about teen issues and from amateur and aspiring models about taking and using their pictures for portfolio development or sharing online, with family and friends, and for other purposes. Since sharing her pictures and online galleries, she has received numerous modeling and management offers, some of which she has foregone in order to finish school and to develop her creative writing skills.

Getting you down? Show them up!

Dear Tatiana,
How do you stay on top or believing in yourself, when you have nothing but put downs and negative remarks about you being said all the time?
– JeNn A.

JeNn A.,
First and foremost, I would like to say that throughout my life I have been the center of rumors and have had tons of negative things said about me. Even though it hurt and it made me feel bad I had to overcome it because I was going downhill, letting people – even friends – get me down and falling into their traps. Now I know better, and I turn all that negative energy towards me and I say to myself, “Okay, I’ll show them.” And girl, I do!

You just have to prove them wrong and show them that you are beautiful, strong and smart enough to put all of those negative comments and turn it into something positive that you like to do. Just remember that when people talk about you it’s because they think YOU are important and they see something in you that they don’t have in themselves. So just hang in there and work with it. Hey sometimes I use my anger or sadness in my pictures I feel it gives me an edge and it looks great so either way you come out shining and on top. Don’t worry what people say prove them wrong, make them feel SALTY.
– Tatiana