Ask Tatiana: Shoot from Within

Teen issues and modeling advice
with Tatiana Negron

Former Model Citizens spokesmodel Tatiana answers questions from you about teen issues and from amateur and aspiring models about taking and using their pictures for portfolio development or sharing online, with family and friends, and for other purposes. Since sharing her pictures and online galleries, she has received numerous modeling and management offers, some of which she has foregone in order to finish school and to develop her creative writing skills.

Best photos come from within

Dear Tatiana,
Which pictures do you like best – the black & white or color ones; with smiles or sexiness; cute or serious pictures? How do you know what pose brings out your beauty or best assets more to fit the photographers view of a model?
– JeNn A.

Hi, JeNn A.,
To answer your first question, my favorite pictures are the black and white ones because they definitely hide any flaws you may have and they still look very natural. Whether you are serious, sexy, whether you smile or not… it really doesn’t matter; each pose is unique. When you smile, don’t you notice that every smile isn’t the same? Some smiles are sexy, cute or just plain jolly, but only you can determine which smile suits you best.

It goes the same for the other ones too: just add a little of everything and do what you’re comfortable with. Besides, adding variety shows that you can do a wide range of poses. If you really think about, it you are the one who comes out looking more talented. Remember, the photographer will let you know which ones suit you best as well.
– Tatiana