Ask Tatiana: Keep them coming back

Teen issues and modeling advice
with Tatiana Negron

Former Model Citizens spokesmodel Tatiana answers questions from you about teen issues and from amateur and aspiring models about taking and using their pictures for portfolio development or sharing online, with family and friends, and for other purposes. Since sharing her pictures and online galleries, she has received numerous modeling and management offers, some of which she has foregone in order to finish school and to develop her creative writing skills.

Tease them; keep them coming back!

Dear Tatiana,
I’m kind of new to amateur modeling. For modeling and showing off your body, how much is too much? Should you limit the model?
– Jennifer A.

Dear Jennifer,
In my opinion it really depends on the model and how she chooses to show her body. I truly feel that you should not show your body too much; showing too much of your body leaves nothing to the imagination, and it shows that the model isn’t creative or talented enough just to pose naturally.

Don’t get me wrong you can definitely use your assets to help you out a little and indeed show a little skin, but remember a tease can go a long way and leave them wondering. You don’t have to show everything you’ve got.

Also if the model is under 18, you should most definitely limit the model before she even does her first shoot; that is, the photographer should tell you what he/she expects from you as the model. Use your judgment. Don’t show too much, don’t overdo it, just be yourself and have fun with it.
– Tatiana

Some model “just for kicks”

Dear Tatiana,
A lot of amateur models aren’t really trying to get into modeling. Do they just do it for the pictures? What do they get out of modeling if they don’t want to become a model?
– Brineydi P.

Hey Brineydi,
Believe it or not there are quite a few amateur models who are not really into modeling or who really don’t want to become a model in the future, but they choose to model for many different reasons. They might include popularity, free pictures and self-confidence. Girls/guys who feel they aren’t good looking enough, might do it to feel better about themselves. Besides, it is also great exposure; who wouldn’t want that?
– Tatiana