Ask Tatiana: Does ANTM encourage eating disorders?

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America’s next top eating disorder
Reality TV show opts on the skinny

As we know, Americas Next Top Model is a television show that airs on UPN. This show is about following 12 young beautiful women for 8 weeks as they try to win and also try to prove that they each have what it takes to become Americas next top Model.

These young women face numerous tests every week that help the judges decide on who will make the cut, not only are the women judged on outer beauty, but they are also judged on their inner beauty as well.

Out of twelve models only one can earn the honor of becoming Americas new supermodel, and Yoanna, the 23-year-old babysitter from Jacksonville Florida, was chosen to become Americas next top Model.

As for me, I think that Mercedes should have one that title, but deep down inside I knew that Yoanna was going to win, as she had that “look” that modeling industries are looking for…such as perfect cheek bones, perfect weight and not the girl next door look.

Mercedes probably did not win because she did not have that edge about her, she looks like an ordinary beautiful girl… and that is not what they are looking for, even though she had the hair, the eyes and the look when she was all made up… she even posed very well and did make friends with the camera.

What is Americas Top Model looking for, a person with anorexia or bulimia? This is a crock; Mercedes did not win because she was not a stick figure. America, get over the too thin look, it’s not “in” any more… go for something or someone more realistic!